Uninstall camera streamer

hi ive installed camera streamer using
git clone GitHub - ayufan/camera-streamer: High-performance low-latency camera streamer for Raspberry PI's --recursive
apt-get -y install libavformat-dev libavutil-dev libavcodec-dev libcamera-dev liblivemedia-dev v4l-utils pkg-config xxd build-essential cmake libssl-dev

cd camera-streamer/
sudo make install

please can someone tell me how to remove it . ive tried sudo make uninstall, with no luck

I wonder if sudo apt remove camera-streamer would work...

i'll try thanks

no luck
thanks tho

apt probably won't work unless it's an installed package.
I just looked into the make file and it looks to me like the installer just copies the file(s) into /usr/local/bin/

install: $(TARGET)
	install $(TARGET) $(DESTDIR)/usr/local/bin/