Unknown error while talking to your printer

Hi everyone,
I recently had problems to comunicate with my printer. When I try to connect to it on server website, initially everything seems to be fine and State tab turns on "Operational" but after few seconds a messages appears:
" There was an unknown error while talking to your printer. Please consult the terminal output and octoprint.log for details. Error: See octoprint.log for details "
I attach the log file here: octoprint.log (515.3 KB)

I tried to reboot and shutdown the system, but nothing changed. I had the problem after I uninstall #plugins BetterGrblSupport, which I think was the cause of another issue I had recently (Z height on my Gcodes for printing was literally ignored). I removed it from Plugin Manager, checking the plugin and clicking on the bin icon.

I use the last Octopi (0.16.0), printer is an Ender3 but I created also a new instance for my Cr10 which actually is not working. I renamed (correctly) the devices ports into Ender3 and Cr10 to let Octoprint connect to the right printer after booting up.
Thanks in advice for your help,

Most of us here don't support trying to connect multiple printers to a single OctoPi-imaged instance of OctoPrint.

You indicate that it was somewhat working before you added a particular plugin. I can see that it is throwing errors in your octoprint.log. Likewise, cancelobject is also throwing errors.

I think I would advise:

  • start over, installing the latest OctoPi image to a microSD card
  • don't install any plugins
  • set this up for one of your printers and see if it's happy

If at this point you get any serial-related problems, then troubleshoot that before proceeding. Perhaps you have a serial cable problem.

Ok, firstly I'll try changing the cable, I have another one with which I can make a test.
Secondly, I'll burn a new SD with latest octoprint and I'll see what happens.
I can say that I use two instances of Octoprint happily since three months, I had these problems after installing the grbl support.

A little research here will show you what kind of serial cable you'll need for this.

I burned a new SD card with no plugin and I'm printing happily now. So, no cable issue, just something wrong with Octoprint or with a Plugin inside.
I think now I'll install again the plugins I need and I will make all my settings but I'll back up step by step, so I can turn back to the step backward if needed.

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I reinstalled few plugins (Bed Visualizer, Multicam, Floating Navbar, Navbar Temp, DisplayZ, Octolapse, PSU control, Tab Order, Themeify) with multiple instances and everything is working well. Really don't know what was the problem. Anyway, I learned to back up very often!! :slight_smile: