Unlocking Leapfrog Bolt Pro GUI

Hi all, I am new here, but seeking some insight into unlocking the potential of my new Printer.

It is a Bolt Pro from Leapfrog. Independent Dual Y axis Heads. Rugged Build high quality.

I understand this printer is running a Rasp Pi 3 and OctoPrint, however it has a custom GUI.

When I boot it up, it says "OctoPrint is starting up, please wait..."
"OctoPrint server started, waiting for it to get ready..."

Then finally, it loads a Leapfrog GUI.

The question I have needs some further background... in the first bootup out of the box (even though it had been previously tested) it went to (what I now know) is the full OctoPrint GUI. At the time I thought something had gone wrong as it did not match the GUI in the setup manual, with lots of functions, tabs, etc. as compared with the minimalist Leapfrog GUI.

After a further re-boot (or 2), the LeapFrog GUI appeared and has remained steadfast now for every boot.

OK, finally the question... is there any way, shortcut/keypress, that one can switch back to the full OctoPrint GUI as it had done so before (by accident)? I am awaiting a reply from the Vendor, but I am not holding my breath :sleeping:

I may consider running a fresh install of OctoPrint one day, but I would need the printer settings hidden in the current setup first.

thanks in advance

Try and find the logs - these will give us a clue as to what they might have done.

Be aware though, we have no idea what might be going on and so support will probably be quite limited.

Yes, logs are available from the Maintenance Page

octoprint.log (22.6 KB)

OctoPrint 1.3.4

Holy sh*t, that is OLD. Frankly... forget about this install, see if you can get a current release of OctoPrint somehow on there, this one is from June 2017.

yes, that's my plan.

Are there any printer setting files that I could use from the old build to pre-setup the new version? My main concern is being able to match all the 'factory' printer settings rather than having to start from scratch.

I was hoping I could get it currently to run in the full OctoPrint GUI (as it did that once) so I could snapshot the settings there. Hence my original question, how to make that happen.

In the log it appears to start a plugin script "boltpro_after_printer_connected.jinja2"
Is this likely to be where the factory GUI is started? If so, where (what file) would one disable this?

Do you have SSH Access into the system? Or can you maybe install your own plugins? If not this is going to be difficult. Otherwise it might be possible to achieve, either from command line or through a custom plugin that takes care of changing some settings to get access to the full UI.

No, unfortunately the default pi user login does not grant access, password set by factory I assume.

What I am planning to do is to flash a 2nd SD card with OctoPrint 1.5.2 and compare the 2 builds.

If there is a file that the local Printer Setup is saved to, could you point it out? That may save heaps of time searching.

Regarding old version, it is a little odd as Leapfrog released build 1.3.2 only in June 2020, replacing 1.3.0 that came installed. It was new-old stock.


You can use 'Ext2explore' Windows program to view the file system of the Pi (MicroSD card) browse to the user directory of the Pi user (if thats what they used)


and then the OctoPrint directory @foosel was the main directory '.octoprint' on that version?

Then grab the files and contents of the following (/home/pi/

Those should be enough for you to rebuild the OctoPrint instance.

As you can then open those files with a text editor and manually enter the information from that into a new install of OctoPi.

EDIT: the directory '.octoprint' would be a hidden directory.

EDIT2: Leapfrog do maintain a Github with all the code/scrips/addons including their fork of OctoPi and OctoPrint here: https://github.com/Leapfrog3DPrinters

So if needed, you can rebuild it back to factory defaults.

As @apainter2 pointed out, all OctoPrint data should reside in ~/.octoprint of the user running OctoPrint (probably pi, so /home/pi/.octoprint).

You could take out the card, mount it on a linux system (otherwise you won't get access to the data partition) and extract everything you need that way. You probably want to take a look into ~/.octoprint/printerProfiles.

update: the vendor kindly offered me the password to the pi login, so I now have that access

Thanks for that, I believe this is what I am looking for..

BoltPro Profile

Thankyou all for taking the time to provide advice and direction. I am learning quickly but there is a LOT to take in. This is a good start and I will proceed with caution. My first take away is simply having a better understanding of my printer.

I have been trying to udate Octoprint
As for the GUI leapfrog have documented the alternate GUI as a bug on early versions
I believe it was somthing to do with having a USB stick plugged in at bootup.

As for SSH Access I manage to login with the default user/password but only on a downloaded version
of the PI firmware. The one that came with the Machine does not give me access.

I did make a new octoprint SD card but there this did not turn on the Main PCB.
There is a control wire from the PI IO board to the Main board.

The whole job is still work in progress .
I am want a spare Raspberry PI's but are hard to come by at the moment.

I have also considerd getting one of these to replace the ain board.
and start all over.