Unsupported Board type error Raspberry Pi 4 Model B


I agree. I guess it's possible that change from "b03114" to "c03114" is big enough to cause an issue (the letter code could be something more meaningful than a small incremental change). I might have access to another newer Pi4 - if that fails with 0.18.0, I'll post the cpuinfo and board label comparisons here, to hopefully start fleshing out some identification guidelines.

Raspberry Pi Documentation - Raspberry Pi Hardware has information about Pi revision codes in use; this actually made me realize (and confirm) that my older Pi4 is actually 1GB - I'll edit that for clarity.

I guess one revision had a drop in replacement and the other one needed software changes

The letter code is the RAM variant. The last two digits will indicate the hardware revision. In this case, the problem variant is the v1.5, so it would be a/b/c/d03115, for the 1/2/4/8GB Pi's respectively.

Last week, with advice from the RPi foundation, the OctoPi image was updated - the current 'Stable' that you can download has an updated kernel/bootloader so it should work with the newer hardware version.

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So yes, I did have another Pi4 to check, and, lucky(?) me, it's one that does not work with the 0.18.0 image. With the same microSD card in these two pis, the one with the check mark on the ethernet jack and microSD card slot boots, but the one with the x mark on both does not boot (same behavior, four long then four short flashes of the green ACT LED).

I haven't gone through and overlaid the pictures to do a blink comparison, but the only major differences I noticed so far:

  • the extra "UK CA" text on the problematic board
  • there is a sticker with some form of 2D-barcode and numbers, which might be a date code, but I don't know how to interpret it
  • the main SoC date codes are different - assuming TAnnnn is a datecode, the "good" board has a SoC from week 33 (mid August) 2021, while the "bad" board is from week 38 (mid-late September) 2021

I will take some more pictures at some point, but to get started: https://photos.app.goo.gl/TXRHubmJFe385Toa8

I'll flash the nightly build and confirm it works, and get/share whatever information I can on the differences from cpuinfo etc., but that probably won't be until tomorrow.

@Charlie_Powell Alright, I'll use the latest stable version then - I thought this was still under investigation based on this discussion and an issue on OctoPi github (New RPi boards needing a newer image · Issue #761 · guysoft/OctoPi · GitHub ) both only discussing a solution in the nightly builds, good to know it's resolved.

It's kind of been 'patched up' while we can work on the camera issues that have resulted from RPi OS moving from Debian buster to bullseye. A new image is still on the table - so if you want to do some testing, then please do go for it and report back in the thread you linked - any problems we can fix with the nightlies will be worth it for the next actual release, rather than the quick hotfix.

Alright, here's that troubled Pi, booted with the latest "stable" OctoPi (octopi-0.18.0-1.7.3-20220120112925.zip):

Hardware        : BCM2711
Revision        : b03115
Serial          : 100000006a5ceb9f
Model           : Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.5

Booted without issue.


I've also just added an edit to my comment in the aforementioned issue to clarify this has indeed been resolved for now.