Update 1.4.1 - please bring back feed-/flowrate value

Okay, you only can set the value and not read, but bevor the set number stayed in the box, now the number is gone after pressing set button.

Each time I want to check what was last value I need to go to the printer to see what it was.


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I’m wondering if it affects the OctoPod app as well. It shows the wrong feed and flow rates.

I will not bring it back as displaying it was causing issues and repeated confusion ("it says it's at 90% but it's not, this is a bug!").

If you want a number there, we need universal firmware support for querying it. As long as this is a write only value is causing me too much of constant headaches to display it.

Okay, thanks. Can deal with it.
Cheerio. Tom

Also weil es manche nicht verstehen wird es denen, die es verstehen weggenommen.
Sehr schade.

As I said in the other post - a plugin could change it back to the old way.

I suggest you ask nicely if somebody wants to do it.

Gina said why she did it and said she won't change it back. Please accept it.

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Agree with you a 100%

You right.

I closed this thread yesterday because I didn't want the discussion that just ended to go on here and heat up again.

I think everyone made their points clear and @jneilliii posted a workaround in the meanwhile.

Maybe it was a bit too much to close it so it's open again