Update ran to make Touch UI work after new release but now getting a chrome page

Hi, new here, and new to this so excuse my lack if knowledge! I successfully ssh in and followed the commands and the sad face went and touch gui loaded again. I started a print, and all looked good! I went back about an hour later (screen had gone to sleep) bug upon waking it, touch UI has gone and now I have a screen showing a page to download Chrome? Like a windows page would look? Any help gratefully received

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Full disclosure I don't run a touch screen and only skimmed the video below.

My post is wild speculation on how the touch screen service works....

Guessing this interface runs in Chrome kiosk mode.
i.e. Kiosk mode is where your browser starts full screen and gives you a kiosk experience.


$chromium-browser --noerrdialogs --kiosk https://www.google.com --ingognito

Chrome may have opened a second tab on top of your interface instance.

You could test this by logging into the pi via ssh -> kill chrome - restart in normal mode and check for multiab

See if chrome is running

$ps x | grep chromium

kill via pkill or pid from ps

$pkill chromium
$kill [xxxx]

Set the display to ensure chrome opens on the tft (assuming display 0) and restart chromium

export DISPLAY=:0

CTRL + C in the terminal will kill chrome

The video shows a couple files which may show you what's going on behind the scenes I'd look here first:

$cat /lib/systemd/system/octoscreen.service

Even if this doesn't run in chrome this filemay start you down the path to find important info.

Hope this helps.

That's great, thanks for your trouble. I'll start here!