Update Schedule or Non-Schedule as the case is today

Maybe this is the wrong place to discuss this. If it is let me know where I should put it.

The last few weeks Octoprint updates and addins updates have been coming daily. When you are printing, which most of us are daily it is a distraction. Is there any way these updates could be done weekly or monthly rather than as the author finishes and releases them? It would probably be more efficient for everyone. Thanks

Well in my opinion we need two update branches then.
One for really important patches and another one for feature updates and similar stuff.

But I think it's the best how it is now. I like to read the news and look into the patch notes and it would be too much for me if it all comes at once.

You could disable the software update plugin and then just enable it when you want to and then get flooded all at once with all the updates that have taken place since the last time the plugin was enabled.

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How about just put in links. We can go to them and do it then whenever it fits our needs.

You could also create non-admin users and then uncheck the option to show users the update notifications.

Or increase the version cache TTL.

We should probably also consider that the upcoming few months will be busier still with the Py3 upgrades all around.


Thanks for the suggestion, I will look into it as a work around. However, I actually want to see this information but I would prefer it not clutter my browser window during a print. Therefore, putting it in links or adding an update tab would be helpful. If no one else cares about this I understand it probably will not happen but it was worth a try. Thanks again.

Also, I will note that the check-for-notification phase seems a bit processor-intensive. OctoPrint feels a little unresponsive in the web interface when this task is occurring. I don't know what triggers an event to check for updates but if it can happen during a print, that's probably not a good idea.

Thanks, but help me understand better how this helps and how to implement it. I am technically very capable but I am not a programmer. I can read and modify some code. I also know how to use a terminal program and issue G code commands and modify and save firmware. So, I can probably increase the cache of the TTL if that helps but I will need a bit more direction on how to do this. Thanks Again,

I'm guessing she's talking about the TTL in the code.

Thanks. I looked at the link and I suspect you are right. Still I am not familiar enough with how the code executes to know how increasing the cache will help, unless that means Octoprint will not trigger a announcement until a minimum number of updates are waiting. Plus, I assume I would have to make this modification every time a new version came out.

If you open the Software Update section of the settings and then click the little gear icon in the top right, you can modify the TTL setting there. It's in the same screenshot I sent earlier in regards to not showing update notifications to non-admin users.


Ok Thanks everyone for the help.