Updates and Plugin installation wont work


My problems started because i wanted to install some extra plugins.
First problem the "Fan speed control" plugin does not exist in my list, does it not exist anymore ?
I then tried another one called Autoscroll, it installed but said something about Python ver 2.7 that should be 3 i think.
Then I started looking into upgrading and found the setting called Software update, but what I see there make no sense to me at all, it say:
You are running a non-release version of OctoPrint but are tracking OctoPrint releases.

You probably want OctoPrint to track the matching development version instead. If you have a local OctoPrint checkout folder switched to another branch, simply switching over to "Commit" tracking will already take care of that. Otherwise please take a look at the [Documentation]
[End Quote]

There is no updates listed and if I hit the update all button nothings happens.
If I hit Check for updates nothing happens either except for the wait cursor.

If I try to install a plugin now I just get a message saying: "Something wnet wrong. Please consult octoprint.log for details. but there are no log files to find under OctoPrint Settings -> Logging.

I have a Raspberry pi 3 b running:
OctoPi version 0.16.0 and Octoprint version 1.3.10

The important things are working :slight_smile: I can print and control my printer using OctoPrint

p.s. I'm a newbe in this OctoPrint world.

What should I do to get the latest version running on my Raspberry ??

Thanks in advance
Best regards

  • Fan Speed Slider
  • Ignore the whining about Python 2
  • Sounds like you must have clicked the gear icon under Settings and changed the setting so that you're tracking release candidates or something like that. Again, select the gear icon and go back to OctoPrint releases then hit the Check for Releases button or similar.

Or maybe just write down what plugins you have listed, buy another microSD card and start over from scratch using the new card.

Thanks for your answer.

I desided to go with a new installation, now everything is working as it should.

Best regards

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