Updating multiple plugins

I have several plugins that have updates waiting. Is there a way to update more than one at the same time? There's the Update All option at the bottom of the software update screen, but I don't want to update to the latest developmental version of Octoprint at this time, and it's one of the updates waiting for me (I know that I can disable notices of the development releases, but that's not what I'm after). I can update then one at a time, but this causes an automatic restart of the server after each one. Is there some way to choose multiple updates to install at the same time, or to hold off the restart until I've updated each?

I'm not sure if that means that you're on a earlier devel-rc or that you're on 1.3.12 switched to devel-rc branch and didn't update.
If you're on stable I would suggest you switch to stable branch, update all and switch back to devel-rc.

But if you're on an earlier devel-rc - no idea. Sorry

I'm on the last stable release, and yes, I can switch then update, then switch back. I was just wondering is there was a way to pick and choose multiple updates without having to jump through hoops to do so. Devel release or not aside, there are also times when one particular pluging has a caveat like "don't upgrade at this point if you use xyz", and having the ability to update everything but that particular plugin would be nice.
Since this doesn't seem to be a current possibility, perhaps this should be a feature request.

You currently can either say "update this one thing" or "update all". A "select what you want to update" kinda feature is not built-in, so yeah, that should probably be a feature request on the Github issue tracker.

What I do not get here is this though: Why are you subscribed to an RC release channel if you want to stay on stable releases? That doesn't make a whole ton of sense to be frank. Switch to the stable release channel if you are not interested in RCs, then you can just update and live happily ever after.