Updating the RPi OS from OctoPrint?

Running OctoPi 1.8.1 as a remote controlled system controlled only by OctoPrint so far I update the OS by logging in with SSH and then running sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade followed by reboot. Is there a way to do that from OctoPrint? I searched the forum and went thru everything in OctoPrint and plug-ins and couldn't find something.

If such a feature doesn't exist, I may just be to "blind" to find it, it might be something for a future version of OctoPi. Just a button "Update RPi OS" which then runs the update commands. My assumption is that many run the Pi without ever updating their RPi OS. I know three users which didn't even know that this should occasionally be done.....

OS update is not intended from within OctoPrint.

But you may have a look on this:

Thanks for the response!

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