Upgrade to Python3 without Virtualenv

I am running the octoprint 0.14 without the virtualenv on my Raspberry Pi 3.
I saw an script that helps upgrading it to Python3, however it asks for the virtualenv which I don't use. There is ane tip for doing this without it?

If you installed OctoPrint outside of a virtual environment then I assume you would just have to upgrade your systems global python environment. Or just create a python 3 virtual environment and install a new instance and uninstall the existing one.

Got it. So, if I install it with venv, is it possible to keep my current setup working as it is?

It's fairly easy to do a backup and restore during the initialization of the new instance, but I think all your settings will still load from the "user's app data" folder, assuming you didn't use the command line to set that path differently when defining your service script.

OctoPi 0.14 is ancient by now, you are probably better off upgrading the entire image.

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