Upgraded to 1.8.3 and Gcode viewer mulfunctions

I upgraded to 1.8.3 and the problem of gcode viewer still mulfunctions. When I upgraded to 1.8.2 the gcode viewer stopped working and I thought that the new 1.8.3 would solve the problem but it is still there but a bit different.
In 1.8.2 with Sync with job progress active it showed an instance of the layer and it showed another instance of the next layer when the layer changed
In 1.8.3 it shows an instance of the layer and in middle print of the layer it shows an instance of the next layer. This way when it prints layer 4 it show an instance of layer 8

For the record, if you run into a bug after an update, make sure to report it because I cannot magically fix issues I don't know anything about.

And when you install an update, read the changelog because that tells you exactly what was changed, what was fixed, etc, instead of expecting that bugs or other issues you encountered magically fixed itself therein.

So please, open a bug report for this, fill it out completely, provide files with which to test and be as thorough as possible with your reporting.

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