Upgrading to latest version from OctoPi 0.17 and OctoPrint 1.3.12 - what should I prepare for?


I have the OctoPi and OctoPrint of the versions menntioned in the title and I want to upgrade to the latest ones on both.
I have some custom controls in OctoPrint that are connected to custom scripts in the OctoPi.

Is it possible to somehow update and keep both of these intact?
If so, how?

Thank you

If you want to update OctoPi you need to reflash the SD card. To store your config, take a backup, download it from OctoPrint and then you should be able to restore it on a newer version.

Otherwise, just use the built in software update to only upgrade OctoPrint.

So through the backup I should be able to restore my current OctoPi on newer version? With the custom scripts still on it and custom controls in octoprint?

And after this will I be able to just upgrade octoprint?

That's what I said, yes.

I decided to try and backup the whole image..inserting the card into computer gives me two devices..boot and a device, that needs to be formatted before it can be used.

Which one of those do I need to backup?

The Backup runs from inside OctoPrint.

It's a feature in the OctoPrint settings menu

I was making an image of the whole pi using win32imager, just as a precaution.

I did the update, and I am very disappointed, that folder with my scripts was not included in the backup

Have you made a backup inside OctoPrint?

Yes. I've made a backup with the octoprint backup.
Reflashed the card to OctoPi 0.18 and restored the backup.
The gcode files are there, however my custom scripts from the Pi are not.

I had to reimage the card to the backup, extract the scripts, reimage back to the new version, paste the scripts to the correct folder, since I have custom controls in Octoprint, that point to the exact location of the scripts, then I had to chmod +x the sript with ssh and now it works.

Not sure what the backup backups, but it missed my folder in pi/myScripts.

The backup backs up everything stored inside OctoPrint's data folder, ~/.octoprint, so it didn't get your scripts since they weren't in there - I didn't notice that you had configured things on the image outside of OctoPrint.

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