Upload from CURA to SD card, trigger print from there?


Is there a way from cura to have octoprint take the gcode upload, store it on the SD Card on my printer controller, and then trigger the print? So even if my pi overheats, or something bad happens, as long as the controller is running, printing still happens?

I know I can upload the file manually, but I want it the workflow to just "work" instead of saving to file, uploading manually, then triggering the print.

Thanks for any help.


Yes, though I would not recommend it.

In Cura, using the OctoPrintPlugin which is available from the Toolbox, you can select an option to store the gcode file on SD in the Connect to OctoPrint dialog.

The reason I don't recommend it is that it takes extremely long to copy a gcode file from OctoPrint to the SD card on the printer. This is not OctoPrint specifically doing something in a slow way, but inherent to using the serial port of the printer. Depending on the complexity of the gcode it can take almost as long as printing the file. During this time there is no feedback in Cura about what is going on; the upload will seem to have succeeded, but there's nothing visible in OctoPrint yet because the file is still transfering to the sd card.