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When I print to octoprint from cura I get an options popup box and the path is blank. If I click OK the job starts printing but do I need to provide a path? What is the path used for?

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Well...in OctoPrint you can create subfolders, so you can send the cura-gcode directly to a sub-folder:

How do I get the path or do I just enter the folder name?
I noticed that I can create folders in OctoPrint with spaces and I know linux does not like spaces. How is that handled with relation to the folders created in OctoPrint. (i.e. does the software replace spaces with underscores or something else)

Well...just enter the path, there is no lookup (could be an enhancement) and just prevent entering spaces or other "illegal" characters...and to answer your other questions:
"try and error" or ask the developer of the Cura-OP-Connector :wink:

You can use spaces in Linux filenames. OctoPrint used to heavily strip any slightly dodgy characters, however in 1.7.x it allows a far wider range of characters. Can't remember exactly what the behaviour is now, but it generally tries to allow as much as possible.

Thanks for your reply. Not to be rude but if you don't know the (full) answer (or at least concise answer for a multipart question) then you probably should reply. Or if you reply, at least give link to page that has the answer. "try and error" is not an acceptable response. That might be acceptable if talking about print settings such as temp, layer height, supports, etc. But not for my question. Remember, people usually go to these forums to get help or good suggestions..... Neither of which you provided.
In this case, OllisGit gets an F. (if you have ever seen "audit the audit" on YouTube you'd get my last statement)

People also come to this forum to try and help people in their own time. You could have left that response at the end of the second sentence.

I understand that people come here in their own time and I respect that an never demand a response. However, if one is going to response then an accurate response should be common sense. If you only know part of the answer or missing some piece of information then clarify that in the response like you did in your response to spaces in linux. You corrected me but you also said that you couldn't remember something and admitted it. Many times on forums (any, not just this one), some people are quick to answer the question when they don't have a complete answer or at least part and admit they don't know the rest or ask additional questions for clarification. Again, not trying to be rude but many times there are new users to the product or have a question that is not answered in documentation (which is not always available for plug-ins, though it should be) or the poster doesn't exactly speak computer talk.

And that is the difference of a support forum that is manly run by volunteers and a professional support board for a product you have paid for.

People try to help the best they can. No one can know everything on a certain problem.

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