Upon completion, print a paper ticket

Upon completion of a print, how would I have Octoprint send a file to my normal laser printer in order for it to generate a pick ticket? Would this be a plugin, or does something already exist?


You could use the GcodeSystemCommands plugin and write a script to create a ticket. You would basically add a special gcode to your end gcode and associate it with a bash/bat script that could create your file and send it to a printer. It won't necessarily be easy depending on the info you need about the print, but I believe it could work.

The alternative is to create a plugin. If you have any experience with Python, it's not too difficult. I'm not sure about the actual printer communication part (that could be very difficult), but triggering some command at the end of a print and extracting print job details would be pretty simple. You would probably need some settings screen to add your printer information.

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I wonder if someone could make a twitter plugin so than I could use this! haha

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I wonder if I could use the slack plugin instead and just go digital.

That would certainly be simpler. If you decide to go the printer route and find a solution, I'd be interested in knowing what you did to accomplish it.


This is cool also.. Only if we could disable the click to print, and just have to go right to automatic print

@diyengineer, I'm curious. What is going to be on the ticket?

Something simple like, โ€œmachine #2 is done!โ€ Just a pick ticket/ reminder. Could totally go digital but a printer would be cooler :slight_smile:

I see all of this as part of a bigger project that's within that scope. Rather than trying to solve it at the OctoPrint level, I would move this as a "piece within the entire puzzle" instead, so-to-speak. Prints are jobs, jobs have a unique ID, fulfillment of job is a message, a print server listens for that topic, etc.

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You're going to have multiple printers and (presumably) employees at a business. I'd suggest paying someone to write a plugin that does it. The printers are cheap, writing a plugin would probably be under 4 digits.

(more printer options from ladyada)

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Yeah, I immediately thought of Adafruit's tiny printers for this one but then I remembered that he's got 100+ 3D printers so...


I'd consider writing this. A paying octoprint plugin gig would be nice :slight_smile:. If it's opensource that would be even better.

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