USB Webcam vs PI cams?

Which camera to choose?

I searched the forum a bit, but could not find a fast answer. Hence, I ask for expirience based input.
The main purpose of the camera is to give a post mortem in case of failed prints. Hence, I need a recording of the video. I am sure this can be done. Isn't it?

The planned setup
I have got an Ikea Lack enclousure with double height to also fit spool holders and a MMU2s to my Prusa MK3s. To be able to properly see what's going on, I want to mount a camera to the X-Axes stepper like shown in this thingiverse example.

The make is designed for a PI cam, which has the drawback of featuring a flat cable. Would there be advantages to use an USB camera instead? Do USB cameras have drawbacks compared to PI cameras with octoprint?

Maybe I would like to mount a nozzle cam to even better see, what's going on additionally. This for sure has to be a USB cam.

Is it possible to have two cams connected to the same PI and Octoprint at once? Is it recommended, or a perfect way to burn your fingers?

Thanks for your input!