Use of a D-Link IP Cam with Octopi



I want to use an IP Cam from D-Link (DCS-942L) with Octoprint and struggling with the stream url. According to support of D-link the stream url is:
Unfortunatly it doesn't work. After pasting this command to the stream url settings and saving I get that black window that tell me that the webcamstream couldn't be loaded. But if I click on the blue link mentioned in the black window I can see the stream of the IP Cam. And from now on the stream is working. Probably because of coockies. But what do I have to do to get it direcly working from opening Octoprint. Is there a hint how to adapt the url stream? Are maybe further settings required? I'm using the last Octoprint version. By the way the situation is the same when I'm using the smartphone.
Thanks in advance



Try as the URL.