Using 7 inch pi screen with prusa

Hey guys, basically i just added Octopi to a raspberry and attached it to a 7 inch pi touch screen.

I have a Prusa MK3/S.

I'm not familiar with Octoprint in the least.
Basically I'm trying to eliminate the need for both an SD card and my laptop.
I want to mount the screen and a small keyboard near the printer and run Prusa Slicer on it.

I'm not even sure how to start. Can it be installed directly? Is there sort of a way to run it wirelessly from my laptop by appear and operate on the touch screen?
Thanks in advance.

PrusaSlicer will run on linux, but not sure about Raspberry Pi. The issue you may run into is trying to slice a file, whilst the printer is printing - it may make the server hang, if it is a complex file, or Prusa Slicer needs more power. And then there is how do you get the files to the Pi in the first place.

From within Prusa Slicer there is OctoPrint support - so you can press 'send to OctoPrint' from your laptop, and it will upload the file. Seems like it might be a better option for you?

and after uploading, you can disconnect/shutdown your laptop and printing will continue

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Simply sending to Octoprint is one thing, but I want to use the screen if possible. Is there any way to actually do this?
Even if I could just use it as a way to monitor the build (similar to if I were printing directly from the slicer on my laptop plugged into the printer)

Oh yeah, it is fully possible to monitor from the screen, I just didn't think you'd have a good time slicing. I can't get links etc. now but you have a couple of options:

  • Start chromium on boot to load the web UI, maybe with TouchUI plugin
  • Install OctoDash on the Pi
  • There are other options of software to install, but I can't remember them now!

All these options are things you have to do yourself though; they don't come preinstalled with OctoPi.

Is there a certain one I need to start with?
Im willing to do the work.

First get things working without a display through a webbrowser on another computer on the same network.

You mean with SHS like Ubuntu?

No, I mean running the OctoPi image on your Raspberry Pi, ignoring the screen for now. You would access OctoPrint that runs on the RaspberryPi through a webbrowser on another computer. That other computer could be running Ubuntu, or Windows, or iOS, or anything that has a browser. Once you have that running well (you can start and monitor your prints), then you can start fiddling with the screen.

If it does not work through a webbrowser, it will not work on the screen either.

Ok that took me a bit, I had to do a reflash.
But i can successfully access octoprint on a browser now and print from it remotely.