Using a USB WiFi dongle with a Raspberry Pi 3

I have an all-metal case for my Raspberry Pi 3B+ that provides excellent cooling but almost completely blocks the built-in WiFi antenna.

How can I get Octoprint to work with a USB WiFi dongle instead of using the built-in interface?

I've searched for a while but haven't been able to find any info on this.

I think you can disable the onboard wifi with sudo raspi-config. You can also do it manually, see

Once you have done that, an USB WiFi dongle should give you a wlan0 network interface and things should work just the same with that as the internal wifi interface would.

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Thanks! I wasn't able to disable WiFi via the raspi-config app but I was able to do it manually. After that I plugged in the WiFi dongle and it worked like a charm.