Using a variable to set temp in Bed Visualizer

Hi There,
Is there away to use a variable in Bed Visualizer to set the temperature to what ever is selected in the Bed temp dropdown in the main “Temperature” tab ?

The reason I asks is because I tend to do one full multi-point multi probe procedure from OctoPrint before I do a print, i.e. I don’t put it in the GCode of the start-up code in either the sliced model or in OctoPrint.

As I’m printing with different filaments a lot of the time, I’m having to edit the temperature in the settings of Bed Visualizer … which is a bit of a PITA :blush:

I've tried to read all the documentation I can find, but either can't find the answer or don't really understand the terminology :smile:

Any help greatly appreciated.

A question for @jneilliii :smiley:

Perhaps I've misunderstood but why not set the correct temp for the selected filament in the slicer?
Also, I don't see a temperature setting in bed visualizer.

There is no parametric way of doing this. I'd recommend using the custom buttons options to add your own sequences for retrieving the mesh with different temps defined in the gcode. I use this approach for the steps of UBL and only use M420 V for the collection gcode.

Hi towlerg, I do set the temp in the slicer .. but because I guess like a lot of people, i tend to use a few different filament types so each profile in S3D has a different bed and nozzle temp.

The temp setting for Bed Visualizer is in the settings page under collections ...

And it's the M140 S70 & M190 S70 that i would of liked to make into a parameter (But jneilliii says this is not possible)


OK .. thanks' jneilliii,

I'll look into this !! :slight_smile:

Basically just add a custom button on the commands tab that has all the same commands, and just changes the temp. then you can have one for PLA, PETG, etc.

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A lot of slicers allow you to create a profile for each filament.

Hi towlerg,

I think you're misunderstanding me still :slight_smile:
This is exactly the issue I have .... I have 15 or so separate filament profiles in S3D, each with obvious variations of the settings including the bed and nozzle temps.

But in Bed Visualizer the temperature is set statically, meaning that when it's run, it would be levelling the bed at the wrong temp, and this is what i was hoping to get round.

So when i slice a print, i take note of the temps and then set those in the drop downs in OctoPrint (i'm fine with this manual process) But then i have to manually edit the temp in the BV settings page to match the bed temp of the chosen profile.

The back story to this is that i have an aluminium bed on my SIdewinder X1 which while is better than the standard glass one, it still warps quite badly (mostly dips at the edges) despite being greatly advertised as being perfectly flat !!
So i tend to let it sit at the correct temp for 5 mins or so before i then do a bed level via Bed Visualizer.
I will then leave it like that for the rest of the day's printing ... This is why I don't want any leveling set in either the Gcode of the sliced print or in the scripts of OctoPrint.

Once i can figure out how to stop my ally bed from warping so much, maybe I won't need to go through such lengths ! :man_shrugging:

Bed visualizer is levelling nothing.

It gives a graphical images on what is going on on you (heated) bed.
Therefore it's called visualizer - ant not leveller.

You set a custom gcode in the settings of the plugin for what to run when you press go. You can put what you like here, including heating up the bed before creating the mesh. This is what the question is about, changing the temperatures in the bed levelling gcode.

I understood it this way, that the OP assumes that the Bed Visualizer levels the bed for the print.

Sorry Ewald_Ikemann but you are wrong :wink:

You put the Gcode in it to make it do a bed level > which it then visualises ... see below, this is my code.

M140 S75                                            ; starting by heating the bed for nominal mesh accuracy
M117 Homing all axes                         ; send message to printer display
G28                                                      ; home all axes
M117 Heating the bed                          ; send message to printer display
M190 S75                                             ; waiting until the bed is fully warmed up
G4 S60                                                 ; Wait 60 seconds
M300 S1000 P500                                ; chirp to indicate bed mesh levels is initializing
M117 Creating the bed mesh levels      ; send message to printer display
M155 S120                                            ; reduce temperature reporting rate to reduce output pollution
@BEDLEVELVISUALIZER	              ; tell the plugin to watch for reported mesh
G29 T	                                              ; run bilinear probing
M155 S3                                                ; reset temperature reporting
M140 S0                                                ; cooling down the bed
M300 S440 P200                                   ; make calibration completed tones
M117 Bed mesh levels completed         ; send message to printer display

I've been using this from when i first bought a Raspberry Pi and installed OctoPi , and it works flawlessly :+1:


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You learn every day something new. :+1:

So in the end, the printer levels itself with the command G29

Indeed !!! every day's a school day for us geeky people :slight_smile:

In the Commands you might consider adding a dwell command (G4) after the temp set command to do this 5 minute wait time...

Hi jneilliii,
Yeah I had used G4 pre using OctoPrint, but to be honest i'm fine with just doing that bit manually.

I also tend to vary the time i wait depending on a number of factors, the higher the temp the bed is set at the worse the warping and sometimes i may be doing a re-calibration after half a day's printing and changing the bed temps.

It's all a bit of "rule of thumb" and guess work ! :slight_smile:
The biggest pain is having to change the temp in BV, but hay ho :slight_smile:

I'll look into the custom command buttons at some point soon, but i have other more pressing projects and jobs to get on with right now (a quick code change to use parameters would of been easy)
But i just need the printer to chug on and print some parts i need for other things ! :slight_smile:
Thanks for you help BTW.
And have a good new year :+1:

FWIW in Prusaslicer you can do math on temperature settings. So for instance you could set the temp to 90% of the defined temperature for that filament profile.

Yeah .. I've tried using SuperSlicer (fork of Prusa) but just couldn't get on with it !
As much as S3D has not been updated for ever, i do really like a lot of its features :slight_smile:

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