Using Octoprint away from home

I have Octoprint for my 3d printer and love it, but a few issues. I run it with my Raspberry PI 3b+. I have been using it to check on prints from another room in the house. Sometimes (most the time) it works, and I can connect, but have been quite a few times that it will not connect and says connection falied, time out error.
Real problem is , that it will not work at all once away from my home and local network. Does anyone have the same issue, and if so, how can I fix this?

Search the forum here for "safe remote access".


You can also do a Google search for 'OctoPrint safe remote access' and you'll find quite a few articles and also YouTube video tutorials.

I set up a VPN (IPSec) on a home server -- this is probably a little more complicated than most solutions and less typical. But it has the big advantage of giving me access to my whole network (for any reason) ... not just my OctoPrint server. But a VPN requires not only a 'server' on your home network that is left running 24x7, it also requires that you install a VPN client (or client profile) on each device you want to be able to use for remote access.

and depending on your internet connection you might also also need DynDNS

I use zerotier VPN. Its an open source peer to peer VPN system. It's free to use. You just install it on all your devices and it creates a mesh network.

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You're mixing things up here.
Ipsec is a protocol - PureVPN is a vpn internet provider.