V1.3.11 printing with palette causes too much filament

What is the problem?
I'm attempting a multi-material(color) print with Palette (MosaicMFG) on a Prusa MK3
Bed leveling and nozzle purge work fine
When the print starts, filament is extremely over extruded

What did you already try to solve it?
Have to cancel print on the printer - using the cancel button in Octoprint has never worked for me. The print never cancels.

Contacted Mosaic MFG. They notified me that is has something to do with v1.3.11

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab, ...)
Octoprint v1.3.11
Octopi v 0.16
Prusa i3 MK3 FW 3.7.1


Do you have some logs?
Does it also happen in safe mode?

I would have asked them "If 1.3.11 is the problem, what version will work?". You can downgrade to an earlier version of OctoPrint but I'm betting that won't solve the issue.

After the initial over extrusion, does the rest print correctly?

In addition to logs (and safe mode), please detail the steps you take to get from the source model (CAD or STL) to printing via OctoPrint (I assume you have a GCode file that is uploaded). Can you take that exact same GCode file, and print it directly (SD card?) bypassing OctoPi / OctoPrint?

Your "What did you already try to solve it?" seems to me like another problem and unrelated to this "What is the problem?". I suggest a separate thread for the cancel issue.

Thanks for the response. Mosaic just said the "latest version" has prompted support cases.

I have not attempted to print from the SD card. That is not my normal or preferred method. To be honest, I have only printed from the SD card 1x when I first got the MK3.

Will attempt it though. That is the same suggestion that Mosaic gave. To me, it's just a major pain in the bottom end.

I go directly from Fusion 360 to STL to Canvas (Mosaic's multi-material slicer). this uploads directly to my Octoprint instance, then I print.

I think I would have encouraged them to come to this forum, create an account and also respond to support-related questions for the Palette here.

My take on troubleshooting this issue is to eliminate as many steps a possible until the problem goes away. I'm not suggesting that you permanently change you processing flow, just temporary changes to isolate why it fails.

Here are the steps I'd take:

  1. Create a simple test model. Use Fusion 360 if you want, generate the STL file and use Canvas to OctoPrint. Does this fail?
  2. Configure Canvas to output the GCode to a file instead of uploading directly to OctoPrint. Manually upload this file to OctoPrint. Does this fail?
  3. Manually put the GCode file onto an SD card and print it. Does this fail?

If none of these steps are successful, you can go back to Mosaic with a much simpler failing case. If the first two fail and the last succeeds, then we have identified OctoPrint as our suspect. If the first step fails and the second succeeds , then we have identified the Canvas directly to OctoPrint process as our suspect.

If necessary, you could downgrade OctoPrint to 1.3.10 and repeat the failed step.

Let us know how it goes.