Very new to octoprint and need help

I’m very new to the 3d printing game and want to setup octoprint.
From so research, Raspberry Pi is the easiest way but these are impossible to get these days.

So I’m torn between buying an old PC and running it through that or buying an ASUS tinker pad.

My question is, which would be most beneficial and easier to setup?

You can buy a board like the Asrock D1800M or similar + picoPSU, or something like a Shuttle XS36V4 used.
(You can get a Shuttle XS36V4 used for ~70€ and then everything needed (except a webcam is included))
A Shuttle XS36V4 should handle 3-4 printers + webcams just fine.

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I would also search for a mini pc on ebay.

The Dell 9020 micro for example is a good choice.

An old laptop is also fine.