Viewing Webcam through a Cloudflare Argo Tunnel?

I can't quite figure this out. I have a tunnel working properly on a Pi4 4GB, with the OctoPI OS. The webcam stream inside the settings is: /webcam/?action=stream.

Using Octoremote I can access the system with my Cloudflare tunnel, since it points internally to http://localhost.

I can't view the webcam that way with Octoremote settings as I just says no data to stream.

If I try making http://localhost/webcam/?action=stream internally for a second tunnel, Cloudflare tells me it's not a valid URL. Seems they are a bit strict on creation.

Honestly, I don't think this will work, but would love to hear if someone has figured this out. Would be nice to not have to turn on my home VPN first before accessing the system. Thanks!

EDIT: No, I am not willing to open ports for dynamic dns. VPN or some sort of proxy. Chose Cloudflare for the ease of setup.