Vinyl Cutter with octroprint


What is the problem?

I would like to connect a Vinyl Cutter wirelessly. Is that possible with octoprint?

I heard the laser cutter Mr. Beam is using an adapte version of octoprint so I think it should be possible to connect any machine.

What did you already try to solve it?

** I googeld a bit and found how to turn a pi into a wireless usb hub


Does the vinyl cutter has a USB Type B port? If so, it would probably be best to use that instead.


yes it has a usb type b in put. there I would put a usb cable to a raspberry pi with octopi


If I were you, I'd go that route for a while and see if this is a workable solution for you. If everything seems to be worth the effort and you're really good with terse Linux commands then you might try to tackle the wireless setup later, noting that it still needs another Pi attached to the cutter and a modification in a later version of OctoPrint.