Waiting for Octoprint to complete gcode analysis

What is the problem?

In Cura, using Pi3B+ with Prusa i3MK3S+, the "Waiting for Octoprint to complete gcode analysis" message shows up and I have to wait for a long time before it can print. Is there any way to speed this up? If I use Pi4B, will the wait time be shortened significantly?

Cura is waiting for PrintTimeGenius to complete its analyis of the file to make print time estimations more accurate. You coukd disable that plugin, but then print time estimations will not be as accurate.

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Thanks. I have it on. It estimated that the print job would complete in four hours so I launched it at night However, 4:30 hours have passed and it then estimates that it will take another 30 minutes to complete. Not sure if it will actually take longer. An hour off is too much especially in non-human waking hours. For safety, I cannot leave t alone. Is there a better estimator?

How come in Cura, under MONITOR, the print time is: 00:00:00 all the time right from the beginning?

I don't know. The print monitor should show the data it is getting from OctoPrint.

In Cura, under Active Print in MONITOR, it lists the file name and then print time: 00:00:00.