Waking up Pi using 3D Printer


Totally new to Octoprint and Raspberry Pi's.
I have a question regarding connecting a switch to GPIO pins 5 &6 to boot the Pi after shutdown.
I connected jumper wires to these pins and sure enough the Pi booted into Octoprint when the pins were shorted.
So I have a possibly daft question.
Is it possible to connect pins 5&6 on the Pi to a spare endstop, mainly the E0DET connector on the SKR1.4 (Signal and ground) to boot the Pi from shutdown instead of connecting a switch etc to those pins?


Your first problem would be that the E0DET runs on 5V and the pis gpios on 3.3V.
Then the SKR doesn't "connect" those pins like a switch or a button does - it expects a switch on them.
So you would need something like a mosfet or a relay to get that working.
The next problem is that those pins will be shorted all the time and tbh I don't know if you should use the pi that way. I guess the wakeup was designed for a button or something else that shorts the pins just for a moment.

Btw which pi are you using?
If it's a pi 4 you should check its standby power consumption. My pi 4 draws almost the same amount of power in standby as it does in idle.

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Thanks for the reply.
I'm using the V3b.
I have now connected the Pi to my Alexa Smart Plug along with the printer using a dual output adapter.
That way the Pi boots up when the printer is switched on. I originally only had my printer on the smart plug.
This will suffice I think.

Thanks again.

Sounds good :slight_smile:

Happy printing :octopus:

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Power on is fine. Just make sure that the RPi is properly shutdown before power off. Failure to do so will eventually result in a corrupted (micro) SD card on the RPi.

The RPi uses so little power that I prefer to leave mine on all the time. I have my printer on a smart plug and manually turn it on and off. When I use the printer, it may be for one print or more often, a number of prints. Since the number is unknown, I don't want to automatically turn the printer off after each print.

Yeah cheers.
The printer only powers down when I tell it to.
This is to make sure the hotend has cooled right down (to avoid possible jams).
Also I make sure there is no more SD card activity after shutting down the system from within Octoprint. I then tell Alexa to turn it off.
But I may change it back to keep Octoprint running and simply shutdown the camera.