Wanhao Duplicator i3 keeps sayin Idle on display


I just installed octoprint and started my second print.

The printer is in the livingroom and I check the percentage pretty often.
I noticed that it keeps saying idle, When checking the app or webpage there's a estimated end time.

Would it be possible to send that time to the printer display to show instead of idle because when printing it's not idle.


Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2.1 with official firmware.
Octoprint on Pi 2B latest version, No plugins installed.



You may install OctoPrint-DisplayProgress (https://github.com/OctoPrint/OctoPrint-DisplayProgress)
or OctoPrint-DetailedProgress (https://github.com/dattas/OctoPrint-DetailedProgress)

You can do this with OctoPrint plugin manager.

When not printing you can type "M117 Hello" into the terminal as a test. Your printer should display "Hello" then.


Thanks, I'll have a look at both.


BTW: there are a lots of useful plugins for OctoPrint:


If I hear you correctly, the Wanhao has an LCD display on it. We don't know if that display is connected to the controller board or to another computer like a Raspberry Pi which is running the OctoPrint instance.

I assume that the controller board (Melzi?) and its firmware (Repetier)/software is responsible for sending input to that screen.

I don't think that it's easy to do what you're asking.

A possible solution would be to add a portable object with display near the printer to indicate the progress. OctoOled and 3D Monitor


Yup I think repetier and melzi.
Repetier host is able to send messages to the display like preheat and pid tuning. And when connected with repetier on my computer it displays the ip address.

I'll try the plugin after the print is finished.


If it does that via M117 one of the links plugins should work.


Thanks, The OctoPrint-DetailedProgress did the job.
Sometimes it's a bit weird and jumps through the information way too fast.