Warning message

I see the following warning in my log, and I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

octoprint.settings - WARNING - DeprecationWarning: Detected access to deprecated settings path ['webcam', 'stream'], returned value is derived from compatibility overlay. Please use the webcam system introduced with 1.9.0, this compatibility layer will be removed in a future release.

Currently I have a camera connected to another computer (not my OctoPrint computer) and am streaming to OctoPrint (running on

Fallback Webcam (Classic Webcam)
MJPEG stream

Is there something simple I need to do to use the new features introduced into 1.9.0?

This message may be related to a plugin you have installed, there are a few plugins that haven't caught up to the new webcam plugin system (including some of my own).

I don't think so. I have only a few plugins and they don't have anything to do with the camera.

Can you please post the systeminfo bundle.

octoprint-systeminfo-20230803195520.zip (33.0 KB)

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Actually ther solution is here:

The two plugins that might be the cause of the issue are Sidebar Webcam and UI Customizer. I know UI Customizer is working on a fix for their plugin, but not sure if Sidebar Webcam is. Technically you don't even need that plugin if you are using UI Customizer because it includes a webcam widget that you can put into any of the columns/sidebar.

I removed both of those plugins and still get the warning. I'm not surprised because the "Control " tab is still displaying my camera stream. From that I conclude this isn't plugin related.

Does it happen if you run OctoPrint in safe mode?

In general, warnings in logs are not expected to be read by end users as 'action required'. We don't expect users to watch the logs (& vast majority don't know what they look like) to find out what they have to do on their OctoPrint installs. If action is required, it comes through the UI. So generally, don't worry about not being sure what you're supposed to do from the logs until you have an actual problem and you're trying to work it out.

The control tab is built in to OctoPrint and has been updated to use the new API with the 'Classic Webcam' plugin, because it is part of said webcam changes :wink:. If you install more than one 'Webcam Provider Plugins' it starts to show UI to select between them.

I did a search through the OctoPrint source quickly and did find one line tucked away that referenced the old setting, so perhaps that is triggering the warning message & does need updating - but again that's something for developers, not end users. So in the end, thanks for bringing it up - a test in safe mode would of course rule out the plugin issues straight away to be sure I've got it right, and so please always fill in the template that asks these questions in the first place :slight_smile:

I run OctoPrint in a docker container. I don't know how to go into safe mode. The referenced instructions mention a "System" menu. I don't see that anyhwere.

It also says:

if the “Restart OctoPrint” server command has been correctly configured

The official docker container should ship with this preconfigured, but (and unless you have set it up some custom way), you can configure it with the commands listed here https://github.com/OctoPrint/octoprint-docker#restarting-octoprint:

ensure the following command is present in the Restart OctoPrint field under the Server section of the OctoPrint Settings.

s6-svc -r /var/run/s6/services/octoprint

I Added that command, but I still don't know how to start in safe mode.

Once the command is added I'm fairly sure the restart in safe mode option shows in the system menu in the upper right of the UI.

That is correct. I restarted in safe mode. I still get the warning, which makes sense because I can still see my camera stream.

Yeah, Charlie tracked it down and has reported back on GitHub. It will get squared away in the next version release I suspect.

Thank you.