Watched Folder, Samba, Octoprint File Queue issues

I recently replaced my Raspberry Pi with a 3B+ and installed the latest OctoPrint. I also removed and reinstalled the latest Bonjour and Samba on my Windows 10 laptop and added a watched folder.

The problem I'm having is that files sent from PrusaSlicer v2.2.0_win64 to my watched folder don't always show up in OctoPrint (1.4.0). It seems to be limited to 1Mb however I've had smaller files fail as well. I've read all the posts on the topic and implemented everything I've read but no luck.

I have checked the box on OctoPrint to actively poll the watched folder and folder permissions are rwx for all users.

I don't have log files as it never hits OctoPrint, they stop in the watched folder and never transfer over to OctoPrint. When I restart the pi, all the files show up.

Any help would be appreciated.