Watched Folders

I have my old printer Athorbot buddy setup on Octoprint Version 1.3.9 using a Pi 3B+ so I can just send the file from S3d directly to my watched folder and with the plugin Auto select to load the new file ready to print in the printer section. All this worked good before I setup a second pi for my Prusa Mk3.

Setup my new Prusa Mk3 and have setup the same exact setup with a New Pi3 B+ and Octoprint Version 1.3.9, I have installed and setup Samba and have the Octopi icon in my network setup using different ips, everything works on the Prusa Printer .But when I try to send a file to my Athorbot printer using the same method that now does not work, I cant even get the other Octopi icon so show up in my network tab.
Can you have two setups of Octoprint each with a watched folder?.
How do you manage two watched folders with two separate Pi's and get them to see each Octoprint as individual printers.?

I have double checked both of the smb.conf files and all seems to be fine in them so I am a bit stump now with my limited knowledge of linux.


I think I'd do an ls -l in each of the watched folders and again at the level that's the parent. Compare the rights and the owner in each case.

Laboriously compare the smb.conf files in the share section and look for any subtle difference.

Make sure that both Raspberry Pi's don't have the same hostname, which would be important since Samba will likely broadcast with TCP over NETBIOS. Make sure that the hostname is less than 14 characters in length.