We need to talk about funding

You might have missed this, but since 2016 my full-time work on OctoPrint has been 100% funded by people like you. OctoPrint, at its core, is still mostly a one-woman show, with me its creator as its only full time resource, and I’ve only been able to keep working on it thanks to the generous support of the community.

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First of all, as a supporter, I don't feel offended. No worries.
I can also understand your situation, I have witnessed how challenging self-employment can be (my father-in-law was struggling for the last 8years).

I would also like to remind users that the website is mostly, and the OctoPrint web interface itself is completely ad-free.
I don't think foosel would change that, just keep in mind that is not self-evident in today's world...

One of us alone can't compensate the loss of a big company sponsor, but we are a big and great community, if everyone of us contributes even the tiniest bit, we can keep OctoPrint rocking all over the world.

Foosel, I hope you can keep on fighting, I wouldn't know how to handle my printers without OctoPrint (one doesn't even have a display/buttons to control it)

Greetings and read you on discord :wink:

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Thank you for these kind words :slight_smile:

No need to apologise, really appreciate the work you put into Octoprint. I've just bumped my Patreon membership up to the next tier. It's only a small contribution, but I hope others are able to do the same to help out. Thanks Gina!

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Which of the above support option provides the most benefit FOR YOU?
I always hear that these companies take a substantial amount of money off the payment for themself.
And of course a big Thank you for your work on OctoPrint - I use it on a daily basis and it has never failed me.

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Thank you for asking. With GitHub Sponsors, every single cent reaches me.


I just became a patron, not much but I hope it helps. Thanks for the many years of Octoprint, long may it continue

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Just sent $100 USD. WORTH IT!!!
I try to remember to contribute every 6 months, but I admit I forget sometimes. Apologies.

I was going to sign up for a recurring github sponsorship but I need to keep my company credit card on my account, and I can't pay for this from the company card. If not github, which method is your next most preferred?

I don't know how I would efficiently manage my small print garden of Prusa MK3S+ and MK4 printers (I wish Prusa would allow the printing information from Octoprint to display on the MK4's) without Octoprint. As I create and modify new products, Octoprint makes it easy for me to update my printers and manage/view my products as they are being printed for customers. Your work on this application has been appreciated from the beginning and I am happy to financially support your efforts!

The next better thing is probably Ko-Fi then, fee-wise. I do pay some fees there, but less than compared to the other options. But really, any of those I linked are fine :slight_smile:

Thank you, I'm glad to hear that :blush:

Even though I can't really use it right now (Prusa MK4) I have joined as a recurring sponsor. I appreciate the work and am hopeful Prusa will make it right so that OctoPrint will work correctly with their new printer.

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I also appreciate this incredibly extraordinary effort to make Octoprint work for so many. However, I was under the impression that I was already a monthly contributor. Is there an easy way I can verify this belief?

Hallo Gina,ich habe ebend den Post gelesen und werde doch nun mal per Paypal etwas zu deiner hervorragenden Arbeit beitragen.Ich nutze Octoprint nicht so oft-aber wenn ich das tue,dann freue ich mich das es Octoprint gibt.Gruß Dietmar aus Nordsachsen

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I'm using my alias here, but just signed up for monthly investment over on github. I can't support everyone, but this project has been really useful to me and my learning 3D printing. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to help as I'm between jobs, but I'll keep it going for as long as I can!

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I have been supporting for a few years despite not having a working printer for a while. I will continue to poke people I know who have been using Octoprint to join patreon or provide what support they can. If I was running Octoprint I would have no issues with a pop-up warning about the financial situation of the project.


Thank you for your hard work on Octoprint - I'm using it right now! I just bumped up my Patreon tier.

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Don't feel guilty about asking to be paid for your work, we all have to live. there's no harm in repeated/recurring reminders of this to your user base. I'm sure the majority of us would be willing to part with a few £ to prevent the project from dying, people just need to be aware.


You show as a Patron on here, so I guess you are on Patreon and thus a monthly contributor. All good :slight_smile:

dont feel bad for asking, ive only used octoprint for a few months and havent given anything back, ive joined as a patreon to help out a little. thanks for your work