We need to talk about funding

Request granted.
I've set-up a regular Patreon payment.
Thank you for creating such a fantastic piece of software.

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I'm an old guy who somehow ended up going down the 3d printing rabbit hole. There are a lot of unethical or at the very least, misleading links out there that are just a click away. I for one, would like to see a link to the various legitimate options so that I am selecting the correct process. I know I am currently using Patreon to support Octoprint and it's a known entity. Show me how to use Github and I'm there. A reliable Octopring is too important to, I think, so many of us. Oh and by the way, thank you!

All the legitimate links you mention are easily obtainable at the official OctoPrint website, as originally linked on the first post.


Octoprint is amazing, and therefore you are amazing. Stick those support links up front so people like me have no excuses... just signed up as a patreon supporter, and while it's not much, I hope "every bit helps."

Thank you!


I can't remember if I replied to this post when I became a patron, but if I did, it's ok to be repetitive regarding encouragement! In the past three years, I've witnessed many examples of the extraordinary accomplishments people can achieve when they find support from crowdsourcing rather than big-budget corporations. The power of many people with similar interests coming together to support something great cannot be overstated but too often goes underappreciated.

I'm happy to support foosel in the small part that I can. If possible, I'll be increasing my support in the future simply because I don't want to see this great program fail or irritating ads be added to my interface. :slight_smile: If you're using OctoPrint and NOT supporting, please do consider it. Even if you can only afford USD$2 per month, every bit helps, even when common sense might say it couldn't.

And I'd also like to point out and support the MANY plug-in developers out there! The innovation and convenience I've found with my plug-ins is just as amazing as the foundation of OctoPrint itself! Bravo, thank you, well done, and if you could use some financial support, don't be shy, speak up!!!


I want to express my gratitude for the exceptional effort put into making OctoPrint accessible to many users. Nearly looking to get the printer for my art printing work to reproduce in 3D.