Web Cam with networking connection


networked or wifi connection only

just don't know if this is compatible
I have a Dlink camera but it has no USB connection, it is a networked or wifi camera. Just wanted to know if this could be used with octoprint? Anyone tried it?
I am new here and I am still looking around, sorry if my question is dumb...

if it provides a stream which can be viewed with a browser and not with a special app then yes.

For an easy integration you should search for the mjpg and still picture url of your camera :slight_smile:

thanks all,
I found another topic on DLink that says it is currently impossible, so considering the cost of webcam, I will buy another one

I have a D-Link DCS-930L wifi cam that works just fine with Octoprint.

Here is a list of URL's you can try from the D-Link forum.

Happy camming!