Webcam 20 second limit on Desktop OctoPrint dashboard - recent change?

Somehow not able to find a definitive, simple answer to this question here or on Google.
I have an OctoPrint server for controlling my Ender 3 Pro via Raspberry Pi. Using latest stable version.

As of only a month or two ago, I started having a 20 second limit of webcam viewing in the OctoPrint dashboard on my desktop PC. I did not used to have any kind of viewing limit at all for years until recently, but was not able to find a message or update note explaining this. Message states: "Webcam Stream Ended. The webcam stream ended due to OctoEverywhere's 20 second free account limit."

Was this an overall change that was made to free accounts using OctoPrint or did something more likely change on my end and can be changed back? If this is the way it is for everyone now, I totally understand, but I just cannot find definitive info on this being a recent change for some reason.


You've confused two different bits of software here. The 20 second limit is from OctoEverywhere, which is 3rd party software you're using to remotely access your OctoPrint install. This has a 20 second limit on its free tier because remote viewing webcams gets expensive.

In OctoPrint itself, there is no limit, no concept of "free" vs. "paid" accounts. If you access it normally, you will have no limit, but if you use it through the OctoEverywhere service then that service will impose its limits.

Thank you for that - you are right. I don't know why I had the shortcut on my desktop to access the OctoPrint console via an OctoEverywhere page versus the IP or octopi.local, but that seems to be the cause. I never thought that the way I was accessing the same console would be the reason for this limit, it seemed to streamlined and built in, as if it were all part of OctoPrint itself, but I guess not.