Webcam don't stream


I recently installed octopi on a raspberry pi 3 but I am having difficulties with the camera ... It is a logitech c270 webcam filming in HD 720p at 30fps.

The snapshot works but not the stream. This address doesn't work http: // (my ip) /? Action = stream.

Do you have any ideas ?

thank you !


Please upload the webcamd.log and octoprint.log

i have found the octoprint.log file, but not the webcam.log ?

octoprint.log (29.1 KB)

I don't see anything wrong in the octoprint.log
For the webcamd.log:

It might be the wrong url.

Just to be sure - with my ip you mean the ip of the pi running octopi, right?

It should look like this (without the spaces)
you could also try those urls

I'm sorry, I have putty, but I don't know how to download the webcam.log file using the SSH protocol.

Yes (my ip) is the ip of the pi running octopi.

The 3 links you proposed to me don't work.


I recommend WinSCP for this part.
It's a file explorer with a gui :slight_smile:

I installed winSCP but there is no webcamd file in / var / log /. I activated the option to display hidden files and I launched file searches by searching for "webcam" and "* log" but not webcamd.log ....


Finally I think I found it! but it was in /root/bin

it had no extension so I converted it to .log to load it on the forum.
webcamd.log (10.1 KB)

I have the same problem and I don't have webcamd.log in the location indicated. I do see the camera in lsusb. It used to work. I though it was the webcam tab extension, but turning that off doesn't fix it. It has worked once since the update but not since.

Anyone with a little idea or help?

Is the cam detected with lsusb in ssh?

I would also try it without any other usb devices connected in case it's a power related problem.

The webcam is recognized with the command: "Bus 001 Device 004: ID 046d: 0825 Logitech, Inc. Webcam C270". But on octopi taking a photo works, only the video does not work.
There is nothing else plugged into the raspberry pi.