Webcam not working after installing plugins

Im having trouble with my webcam (playstation eye) not showing up (only the error message). At the beginning it worked without any trouble at al. I even took a timelapsevideo-> no problem. But after I installt pluginns (Spaghetti detective and octoprint anywhere) I just couldn't get it to work (and yes i did indeed try to just uninstall them but it didnt work)... I've made sure to check the video url, wifi connection and i also made sure that the pi detectet the camera wich was connected via usb. after i did all that troubleshooting I formated the sd and flashed it with the a new unedited octopi version. Again it worked fine until i tried to use the spaghetti detective, when again the whole webcam setup didnt want to work anymore!

I'd really appreciate some help.

Uninstall Octoprint Anywhere. Spaghetti Detective and Octoprint anywhere cannot be installed at the same time. After uninstalling it completely reboot the Raspberry Pi. If you have problems after that you can get help in the TSD Discord.

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