Webcam not working ("webcam stream loading")

on a raspberry pi zero 2 w

Camera : raspberry pi camera (B) Rev 2.0

**What is the problem?: The camera is connected and the LED on It is on but on the web page, it's printing ("webcam stream loading..") and it does not change. **

**What did you already try to solve?:

  1. the test stream URL doesn't show a video.
  2. add a -y to the octopi.txt file (camera_usb_options="-r 640x480 -f 10 -y") with no change.
  3. double-check the connections on the camera
  4. made sure that the camera is enabled in the raspi-config.**

Logs: add as a picture
Screenshot from 2022-01-26 11-50-21

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, ...)cam

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which octopi image?

Sorry the post is upgraded

nice but you forgot to mention which octopi image you're using :slight_smile:

use -y just if your usb webcam doesn't support MJPG, pictures will be captured in YUVY
--> not needed for a picam

by octopi image you mean version? if so octopi version:0.18.0 and octoprint version: 1.7.3

These is the logs from " journalctl -u webcamd.logs"

and in pi@octopi:~$ vcgencmd get_camera:
supported=1 detected=1

thanks so much fo the help :grin: :innocent: :raised_hands:

I see more and more threads coming up with the Camera problem.

Something got changed bigtime... wish I knew what..

'Something got changed bigtime'? OctoPi 0.18 has been the same for over a year now. The camera streaming software doesn't change on it's own...