Webcam on pc not raspberry pi

Hello everyone,

I am new to this so please take it easy.

Ok what I am attempting to try and accomplish.

I have my web cam connected to my PC streaming on twitch not the raspberry pi.

I want to be able to view the stream in octoprint.
Is this possible? Could someone walk me through the process?

I have tried to replace the default stream URL but it shows a black screen and says it cannot connect. If I connect the camera to the pi it will show video but very choppy even on Ethernet not wifi.

Raspberry pi 3B+
Dedicated pc streaming on twitch
C920 webcam

Afaik your twitch stream will be available at a different url each time you restart the stream.
So you would need a script first that fetches the latest url.
Then I guess you have to change something in the webcam tab for h264 support but I'm not sure about it.