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Webcam Resolution & Controls On Windows10

Using a cheap generic 720p webcam (really don t know what it is had it in a bin for the longest time)

i am running octoprint on windows 10 and have everything working perfectly fine now i am trying to play around with octolapse.I am trying to find a way to change the resolution of my webcam and also be able to control the focus and exposure before i go out and buy a more expensive webcam. (Octolapse is working i am only trying to have a better result.)

I opened the octoprint.exe with notepad++ to try and edit the resolution in there like you would on a pi but the file end up looking like this : $ Œ±ÌvÈТ%ÈТ%ÈТ%[ž:%ÉТ%ÓM %éТ%ÓM<%ÇТ%ÓM%±Ð¢%Á¨1%ÍТ%ÈУ%–Т%ÓM%ÉТ%ÓM8%ÉТ%ÓM?%ÉТ%RichÈТ% PE L 'ý\ à
Ö 2 ð @ Ð 7ü @
I am at a lost (probably because i don't know much about coding) I am also trying to make changes to the camera using obs has a way to control it but it is not showing the feed after i added it (maybe because it is being used).

Any help would be appreciated.

which streaming server are you using for the webcam?
you should change the resolution in there

I am using yawcam and thanks for the response but the matter really is the webcam quality is just really bad i basically can't control it haha i just figured that today. chears :slight_smile: