Webcam slow LOGITECH C270

The video of the webcam is extremely low and has a lot of latency. About 10-15 second.
I have a Logitech C270

What did you already try to solve it?

I tried to put in octopi.txt different configuration:
"-r 1280x720 -f 30"
"-r 1280x960 -f 30"
"-r VGA -f 10"

no one is good, unfortunately.

Have you tried running in safe mode?

yes, but the webcam is disabled

Did running in safe mode solve the problem?


Systeminfo Bundle

[|attachment](upload:// (1.5 MB)


I have a FLSUN Q5. I use a power source of 5v 3A, officially raspberry. (1.5 MB)

Already tried the serach feature of the forum?

Hello dear, yes I tried multiple configurations, but it is so slow. 10-15 seconds of latency. If I try raspicam it is perfect. What can I do???

I put "camera_usb_options="-r HD -f 30"" and it worked perfecly

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NOPE. After reboot, the problem is stille here? What I'm missing?

Weird. Sometimes I reboot and it is perfect. Sometimes reboot and it is extremely laggy.

I'm going slightly mad

I cant really help, but I can confirm I have the same issue and I have had it with PI 3, 3+ and 4. I have tried many different parameters in the config file. It is not just you, you are not going mad!

Since I've got a new (usb) camera installed to replace my Pi Camera on my OctoPrint Pi I've been experiencing similar issues. Even a crash on rendering a time-lapse from a small print.
From what I've seen is that there was a frame-rate mismatch between the config in .octoprint/config.yaml and /boot/octopi.txt

I matched the frame-rates in both files, rebooted and it seems to be a bit better. Haven't tested with creating a time-lapse on prints yet but initially the ffmpeg stream and control tab feel smoother.

So you might want to check the frame-rates in your configuration files.

mates, thank you for your feedback. Indeed, after insane days of searching for a solution, I tried simply to connect the Rpi to an Ethernet adapter and then use a wire to connect it. The problem was definitely solved. The real thing that doesn't convince me is that with the Raspicam, wi-fi was sufficient and it worked without a single problem. Via USB there is something that Octoprint doesn't like, for sure. Thanks

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