Webcam stream loading


I can't find why the webcam stream is not instantly loading on my Windows 10 PC (1min10s)
It's fine on my iPhone and my Macbook.
I've tried to disable hardware acceleration, install the windows media pack, update my k-lite codecs, change my web browser (chrome,firefox, ie11, opera) in vain.
Any idea ?


Is it not loading or is it not playing?
Have you tried VLC player?


Thanks for your quick reply.
It takes 1min10 second to display the video.
What's the url for the video ? I've tried http://myip:8080/?action=stream without sucess


That URL should be ok.
Have you checked the path to FFMPEG. This is usually /usr/bin/avconv.


it works in VLC but it takes 2min30 to load :frowning:


So some additional questions:
Do you use a Raspberry Pi and what version?
Do you use WiFi or LAN connection?
How fast is the SD card you use?

If you use WiFi, I almost assume the WiFi channel you use is also used by another router in your neighbourhood. That can reduce the connection speed very much.


Perhaps you misread but it's working fine on my Apple's device. The stream starts immediately.
I use a Raspberry Pi 2 on a wired connection. The SD Card is a class 10 U3.
It seems that in windows 10 it needs to buffer a lot (2min30) and then display the feed...


Well, it's not expected to be compatible with IE since it doesn't support using an image tag with a video.


Actually I’m using Firefox not IE11