Webcam stream stops when print starts. Logitech C922 Pro stream

**Camera model: Logitech Pro Stream

Webcam used to run perfectly for days at a time. Then, due to Sd card corruption had to reflash octopi, and now the webcam stream stops almost immediately after a print starts. The light on the camera also goes out. it's detected in lsusb but when the light goes out, vcgencmd get_camera returns supported 1 and detected 0. This does not change until I reboot the Pi. Then I can leave it on for as long as I want, and it'll work.. until I start a print.

It used to work perfectly without powered usb hub, it's also the only device, next to the printer connected to the pi.
Additional info: The Pi is connected to it's own, non shared outlet, and is powered by the official power supply.

Steps taken:
Reflashed Octopi (version 0.18.0)
Switched USB ports for cam input on Pi
Lowered resolution & framerate
tried checking the output of systemctl status webcamd to find out what's going on.
dedicated the video device on video10 in octopi boot settings for mpjeg streamer to find the device
restarting webcamd
restarting mjpeg streamer

Logs: (134.5 KB)

Octo version: Octoprint 1.8.6
Octopi version 0.18.0
Rbpi v4B, model 2 GB

I'm truly at wit's end, and am open to try basically anything to get my perfectly working setup back.

System bundle included, looking forward to your insights!

Kind regards,


You have the Obico plugin installed, which may be taking over the webcam streaming. Disable Obico, reboot your Pi and try again. Also:

This is for a RPi camera, that connects with the ribbon cable. It won't show anything for a USB camera.

This will cause it to not work. /dev/video10 is not a camera device, it's part of the hardware encoders on the Pi. You won't be able to stream from it. Your camera would usually be /dev/video0 or /dev/video1.

Alright, I've erased the parameter in octopi.txt to look at that device. I have a print running right now, so can't reboot just yet. But on reboot, it's going to look at the first video device.

It used to work with obico before, how odd right? After the print, i'll reboot the Pi, and disable the plugin!

Anything else I can do after that? Or just follow these steps first, try again and report back?
If it works without obico, I'd like to try and get it running again with the plugin in a later phase. I have a pro account there, and customers can see the print feed that way.

Thank you so much for the help already Charlie!

Update: I've rebooted after editing Octopi.txt, and have disabled Obico plugin.

I've launched a print, and a good ten minutes in, we're rolling and the stream is working.

Here's the output of systemctl status webcamd:

systemctl status webcamd
● webcamd.service - the OctoPi webcam daemon with the user specified config
Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/webcamd.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
Active: active (running) since Thu 2022-12-15 08:42:40 CET; 24min ago
Process: 1018 ExecStart=/root/bin/webcamd (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)
Main PID: 1042 (mjpg_streamer)
Tasks: 6 (limit: 3596)
CGroup: /system.slice/webcamd.service
└─1042 ./mjpg_streamer -o -w ./www -i -r 1280x720 -d /dev/video0

Dec 15 08:42:39 printpi mjpg_streamer[1042]: MJPG-streamer [1042]: Format............: JPEG
Dec 15 08:42:39 printpi mjpg_streamer[1042]: MJPG-streamer [1042]: TV-Norm...........: DEFAULT
Dec 15 08:42:39 printpi mjpg_streamer[1042]: MJPG-streamer [1042]: www-folder-path......: ./www/
Dec 15 08:42:39 printpi mjpg_streamer[1042]: MJPG-streamer [1042]: HTTP TCP port........: 8080
Dec 15 08:42:39 printpi mjpg_streamer[1042]: MJPG-streamer [1042]: HTTP Listen Address..: (null)
Dec 15 08:42:39 printpi mjpg_streamer[1042]: MJPG-streamer [1042]: username:password....: disabled
Dec 15 08:42:39 printpi mjpg_streamer[1042]: MJPG-streamer [1042]: commands.............: enabled
Dec 15 08:42:39 printpi mjpg_streamer[1042]: MJPG-streamer [1042]: starting input plugin
Dec 15 08:42:39 printpi mjpg_streamer[1042]: MJPG-streamer [1042]: starting output plugin: (ID: 00)
Dec 15 08:42:40 printpi systemd[1]: Started the OctoPi webcam daemon with the user specified config.

Everything seems to be running as intended. Can we assume the Obico plugin is at fault then?
If yes, how do I go about to troubleshoot the damn thing, so I can get it working again?

Bar that, are there any workable alternatives to watch my stream while I'm at work or away from my own LAN?

Thanks in advance for your input!


You could try and enable Obico but switch it to using compatibility mode to preserve the webcamd service rather than completely running its own video pipeline. It would start to narrow things down. You might be able to get some help directly from the Obico team through their discord server.

I want to thank you for the assistance given, and the quality of your help! Being able to watch prints again while I'm working is a huge plus already. I'll figure out the next steps together with the obico team after executing your advice.

Have a great day Charlie!

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Did you open an issue with the Obico on GitHub? Please post the # if you did, I'll add to it...

I have a Logitech C920. Octo would only stream at 640 with Obico set on Automatic mode. I set Obico Plugin's to Compatibility and rebooted... then 1080p streaming works for browsers, VLC, Android apps (OctoApp & OctoRemote) but it no longer streams ANYTHING to the Obico server (self hosted). Now no matter what I enable in Obico Plugin's (Auto or Compat) it never streams to the Obico server... but my 1080p streaming works for everything else.