Webcam wont load/show up

I have a Logitech QuickCam pro 9000. It says that the webcam stream is loading. I have tested the webcam and it works when plugged into a computer. I have reflashed the sd card. It was working earlier, and I even got an octolapse. But the error pops up when in the octopi interface. If I could have some help with this it would be greatly appreciated. I have the latesst version of everything.

Disconnect the webcam, connect it again, enter dmesg | tail -n 20 in ssh and post the output here.

Also upload the webcamd.log and octoprint.log.

it says command not found fo -n and dmesg. i was using

sudo pkill mjpeg-streamer

and it was working but it stopped later on with no changes other than a reboot. I've already tried it again and no luck.

So it's actually sudo pkill mjpg_streamer and that works but it's still weird how I have to do it every reboot.