Webstream lag in Octoprint UI compared to direct stream URL

Hi All,

Wasn't able to find any posts already on this topic. I am running a Pi 3B, with the Pi Camera v2.1. I have configured the /boot/octopi.txt file and added the following resolution config:
camera_raspi_options="-fps 30 -x 1640 -y 922 -quality 100"

And this configuration seems to work. However what is really frustrating is that while the video flows smooth when using the http://octopi:8080/?action=stream URL, It is SUPER choppy, blocky and generally horrible streaming through the OctoPrint control tab.

Is this common? I have also reduced the resolution down to 1280x720, changed the frame rate, adjusted the quality, etc without any noticeable difference. The video never flows smoothly through the OctoPrint UI.

OctoPrint version : 1.4.2
OctoPi version : 0.15.1


It might be a browser problem.
Try another browser and test if it helps

Thanks for the responses. It isn't the browser, i had checked. I have also used other clients like the Android Octoprint app or plabric. it seems the same with regards to the choppiness and delay. But the direct stream URL is smooth.

For other users, is the speed between Octoprint and the direct stream comparable? Any other ideas on things to try, or what could be causing it?

Just loaded mine side-by-side and while there was the occasional hitch in one of them, I couldn't notice any kind of issues between the two.

I notice you are using OctoPi 0.15 - what hardware are you using, and maybe you could try and update? 0.18 is on the horizon, and I believe that 0.15 must be at least 2 years old, if not more by now.

Also - try safe mode. The likely cause is that something is making the entire UI run slowly, not just the webcam stream. Safe mode will eliminate any plugins eating resources that should be used for webcams.