What coordinates system do you use for entering custom bounding box

I am trying to configure a multi material printer to be controlled by Octoprint. The build plate is 200x200. If I take the lower left corner of that build plate as the origin, then when I home my X and Y axes, extruder_0 will be a (-55, -5) in "bed cordinates". Extruder_1 will be at (-13,-5) in "bed coordinates". So is my custom bounding box X=-55/200, Y=-5,200 ? And is extruder Xoffset = 43?

That did not seem to prevent me from moving the print head past the right hand edge of the build plate or is the movement controls not limited by the custom bounding box? Is it only used to warn you about out of bounds movement in gcode and actually does not stop moving outside that bounding box.

I'd also be interested in this one.

It's suggested that on the Robo 3D printer enabling the second extruder then cuts the print volume significantly as a result in the X axis. This seems odd to me. You'd think that the firmware wouldn't constrain things that way.

I assume that they mean that the right-most extruder can't reach X=0 since in theory that would push the assembly too far to the left.