What Firmware do you suggest to use?


Dear community,

I need to upgrade my firmware as my printer (Zonestar P802N) is shipped with an old firmware without thermal runaway protection. As I get more and more concerned of starting up a fire mid-night, I am willing to update to a new hardware/firmware combination (I will keep the old as a status quo in case anything goes really bad).

Now I have the options Marlin and Repetier as my first guess. Maybe other firmwares as well. My favorite would be Marlin for the moment but only based on what I read on the internet of the specs and the fact that Repetier closed part of their code.

What I do not know is: How do the firmwares perform with Octoprint? I would use a stock Marlin configured to my used hardware. Are there any drawbacks straight ahead?

Thank you


Both Marlin and Repetier should be perfectly fine. I admittedly have more personal experience with Marlin and hence view that a bit as the default when working on the communication layer, but I'm not aware of any draw backs in using Repetier (or RepRapFirmware or Smoothieware or other options for that matter).