What is OctoPrint and do I want it?

I have a Raspberry Pi and I'm about to get a Cr-10S. Should I combine them? What will OctoPrint allow me to do that I otherwise couldn't?

At this point in time, I'm only considering a platonic relationship with this printer (unlike a few of you who have WAY too much spare time). Of course I want to have fun, but I don't want anything too involved. If one thing lead to another, sure, I could see myself <maybe> opening up its power supply and messing around a little, but probably not. That being said, is OctoPrint going to be too involved for me?
https://downloader.vip/rufus/ https://downloader.vip/mapquest/

OctoPrint is a remote control 3d printer host program. It's like repetier host or pronterface except it lets you control the printer from another room in the house.

Do you want it? I dunno, do you?

Pronterface is going to be the simplest way to control your printer locally if you don't want any sort of remote control over it.

If you like the idea of the printer being in the garage, while you're upstairs in front of the fire place, sipping your cognac, wearing your swanky robe, listening to Bach, watching the print unfold, and taking timelapse photos of the print, then yes you definitely want OctoPrint.


Don't. Just buy the printer and use it. If you feel things are missing, like printing without the SD card or remote monitoring, come back here.

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LOL @tedder42.
Agreed. If you looking for casual hookups this ain't the place, bruh. This Lil honey is massively co-dependent and if you gone for too long it gonna call you in you brain, nonstop.

I dislike the 'bro' attitude, but.. generally speaking 3D printing is not fire-and-forget. The learning curve is very shallow. At a minimum, Octoprint helps with that quite a bit so you don't have to babysit your printer by being in the same room.

But "should I X?" questions have been on the internet since the Usenet days, at least, and are still uninformative, because there's no real question being asked.

The only real answer to "Do I need X?" is "If you have to ask, the answer is no"

The bicycling/motorcycling rule of "the correct number of bikes is N+1" still applies, though.

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I thought that was for "how many guitars do I need?"

No, it was for "How many 3D Printers do i need?"... :wink:

You should see my pile of filament boxes.

N+1 ?? :joy: -- I assume

I think they're mating under the desk there.

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Back in 2018, they laughed when I hoarded filament. Who's laffin now?