What is the default password for root?

I've already changed the username and password for the default login, but I wan to change the password for the root user.

Attempted the default password for the default user 'raspberry' as well as my new password.

OctoPrint version : 1.3.12
OctoPi version : 0.17.0

Headless install

It's not intended that you log in as the root user. You have to use sudo instead.

If you really have to have a root password, just

sudo passwd root

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By default, there is no way to log in as root, so there is no need to change the password. Logging in as root should not be necessary.

And keep in mind that you can't login as root via ssh with the default ssh config.
Either change the config (not recommend) or switch to root after you logged in as pi with su -

Yup, that's how I tried to login as root. Didn't work.

So, the passwd file's been changed to sbin/nologin?

sudo bash
... # do your risky bizness

Yes, I know how sudo works. I'm trying to understand how Octopi is set up.

You should check out the Octopi github repository if you want to know it in detail

Though this detail in particular is more how raspbian is set up

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True but iirc they changed a thing and that's the reason why you need a password for sudo on octopi.
I can't test it right now but I think there was a post mentioning it a while ago.
But yeah that shouldn't change anything else.

Thank you. I'll crawl through that.

If you changed the username pi then you might want to also update the references to that in /etc/sudoers.d/*.

Already adjusted group permissions and such but I appreciate the note.

I completely forgot about SuperUser...